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  • Form ATS - Negotiation

  • Form ATS - H2O

    Liquidnet is making publicly available copies of the most recent restated Form ATSs for its Negotiation and H2O ATSs. The publicly available copies of the filings include the exhibits to the Form ATSs but exclude the annexes referenced in the exhibits to the Form ATSs. Going forward, Liquidnet intends to make publicly available future restatements of its Form ATSs but not Form ATS amendments that do not restate the then-current Form ATSs. It is Liquidnet’s current practice to file a restated Form ATS for each ATS on approximately a quarterly basis.
  • Investment Protection Principles

    Liquidnet fully supports the Investment Protection Principles made effective July 1, 2002, by the states of North Carolina and New York and has adopted these principles as they apply to Liquidnet's business
  • SEC Rule 606 Quarterly Reports

    Liquidnet's most recent required quarterly report on routing of customer orders, in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Rule Number 606, is listed below.
  • Monthly Order Execution Reports

    Liquidnet’s monthly order execution reports, in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Rule 605, are listed below. Please note, all order execution statistics herein include executions within the Liquidnet Negotiation ATS resulting from negotiated terms agreed by members.

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