Liquidnet is combining advanced data analysis, adaptive learning algorithms, unique liquidity search tools, and real-time analytics to create the next paradigm shift in institutional trading: Virtual High Touch.

Today’s trading environment is changing rapidly, traditional sales trading services are in decline, while the market and market structure are as dynamic as ever. The buy-side trader needs to have more control, smarter technology, and be a key contributor to institutional performance. Liquidnet is pioneering the development of Virtual High Touch technology so that you can be better equipped to achieve best execution while consistently demonstrating the alpha you’re capturing.

What is Liquidnet Virtual High Touch?
Consider Virtual High Touch as your execution co-pilot—integrated technology solutions that deliver actionable information and recommendations throughout the lifecycle of every order, with an audit trail of the decisions you made. Liquidnet Virtual High Touch crunches massive amounts of data to help you determine the best ways to execute orders, harnessing cutting-edge technology and leveraging Liquidnet’s extensive liquidity-seeking capabilities.

The benefits
Liquidnet Virtual High Touch can help you achieve best execution with transparency for your orders in varying market conditions, and across dark and lit venues. Technology does the heavy lifting, delivering you end-to-end control. Armed with new insight, time, and technology solutions, your role will then become even more integral to the way your firm generates alpha. 

The potential
If you’ve been using Targeted Invitations*, Liquidnet’s Algo Ranking Model, and the recently launched Algo Ranking Real-Time Course Correction, then you’re already benefiting from Virtual High Touch. We will continue to expand the offering, integrating more order and market insight into Liquidnet 5 for a more powerful and customized execution experience, delivered directly to your desk.

By reinventing the way liquidity is sourced, delivering advanced technology to capture alpha, and arming you with actionable insight, our goal is to always make you invaluable to your firm’s performance.

We invite you to help define Virtual High Touch technology and buy-side trading of the future. For more information about Liquidnet Virtual High Touch, or how you can help shape its evolution, speak to your Liquidnet coverage.

*For qualifying Members.