Working Here

How we built our unique culture

Liquidnet was famously founded as a drawing on a napkin—and we never stopped innovating from then on. Every day, more than 300 employees across five continents around the world come to work with one mission in mind: to make markets more efficient.

Seth Merrin, our CEO & founder, instilled his values in Liquidnet’s culture from day one:
Build something that’s typical Wall Street? No way.
Be driven by success and have a great time doing it? Absolutely.
Give people responsibility and accountability instead of just fancy titles? Fundamental.
Make a difference in the world? A must.

More than 15 years later, Liquidnet is still living these values. We’ve built a strong, unique culture that prizes honesty, efficiency, and collaboration. And, with pride of place in our New York Headquarters, the napkin drawing that started it all is framed on the wall to remind everyone that simple ideas can truly change lives.

Seth Merrin


What it means to be part of the Liquidnet family

Liquidnet brings together the problem solvers, the big thinkers, and the doers to make a difference at work and in the world. Our people believe there is always a better way and it is through this lens that we have been able to change an industry. To create an environment of success, Liquidnet delivers an employee experience that exceeds expectations and fosters both collaboration and innovation.

  • Have a great idea? Starting from day one with an extensive on-boarding program, employees are invited to step in, step up, and speak out. We want all employees to feel empowered to share their voices and we are willing to remove barriers that get in the way of being heard.
  • Enjoy teamwork? It’s our lifeblood. The dynamic nature of our industry demands forward thinking. That’s why every year our employees band together in a multitude of innovation-centered activities designed to not only work on solutions but identify new problems that need to be solved. Weekly scrums, weekend hack-a-thons and off-site Innovation gatherings are just a few ways to witness the entrepreneurial spirit of our people. We pride ourselves on the highest levels of collaboration, whether you are a department head or a summer intern.
  • Access to management? No problem. We challenge you to find a closed door in any of our offices.
  • Need additional resources? Just let us know. Everyone is invited to contribute and keep the company moving forward.
  • Looking for fun with your colleagues? As the saying goes, we work hard and play hard. We love to have a great time and we offer many unique and fun social opportunities both during and after work hours.

How we invest in you

  • Once on board, employees are given everything they need to achieve success. From “Swimcamp” where you’re immersed in all things Liquidnet, to ongoing training and development, you’re supported throughout every step of your career.
  • Liquidnet is committed to providing dynamic continuing education opportunities for its employees through Liquidnet University. From custom courses taught by Liquidnet’s experts to our partnership with new York University, you’re kept up to speed on the latest Liquidnet developments while improving management, leadership, and technical skills needed to continuously break industry barriers.
  • Plus, you’re rewarded and recognized for a job well done in the Liquidnet way through a comprehensive compensation package and company-wide recognition programs.
  • We also recognize that companies do not operate in a vacuum; they are located in real places and connected to real communities. That is why we maintain that giving back begins at home. At Liquidnet, we empower and engage our employees around the globe to strengthen the local communities where they live and work.