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Summer Programs

At Liquidnet, we don’t just talk about the issues—we work to fix them, both in our community and on a larger scale. That’s why we’re pleased to once again offer Camp_Codea to female high-school students from August 6-10th, free of charge. With 74% of young women expressing an interest in STEM fields and computer science, our five-day summer program will give participants the resources to explore technology through learning and first-hand interaction.

What’s with the name?

“Codea” [co-DEE-uh] is a portmanteau (two words blended together): “Code” denotes the program’s focus on computer science and technology; and “Dea” is Latin for “goddess.”

What is it?

Camp_Codea is a five-day summer program for female high-school students who are considering Computer Science (or related fields) studies. We are aiming to recruit 20 girls from the Tri-State area. Because the program is meant to offer an opportunity for folks from diverse backgrounds and with an eye toward “good-doing” in the broader community, we seek to source 50% of the students from underserved schools. The week-long session offers an extensive deep dive into the world of coding and technology and provides a thorough introduction into this area for students who do not have regular access to computer science resources. Sessions are run by Liquidnet employees who volunteer their time and knowledge to ensure that all participants walk away with a richer understanding of the technology that is powering FinTech today.

Know someone who might be interested? Please visit where they can complete the application process.


Why Liquidnet

Because we believe that innovative ideas come from all levels of an organization. We know that we are at our best when we cultivate an ongoing exchange of fresh ideas and seasoned perspectives. Everyone is expected to contribute—including our summer interns. Designed to provide meaningful purpose to our organization, we have built our intern program to attract and develop the next generation of Liquidnet.

Recruiting for summer interns in the US commences in September with offers out and accepted by January. For the UK, recruiting begins in January, wrapping up in the spring.

The program begins at the end of May and runs for 10-12 weeks.

We recruit students currently pursuing an undergraduate degree (with an emphasis on juniors and seniors) as well as grad-level talent. The key areas where we seek intern-level talent are Technology, Sales and Trading, Product, and Operations.

What makes our program great

  • Learn Liquidnet’s business inside and out: Our unique approach to onboarding: SwimCamp (a four-day training program where you learn about the history of Liquidnet and hear personally from members of each department)
    Lunch ‘n Learns
  • Program mentorship: Work alongside your direct managers and teammates with the support of Global Talent Engagement
  • Meaningful work: Interns work on projects from beginning to end, with the opportunity to formally present their accomplishments to management
  • Access to senior management: Lunch with Leadership with “open door policy” that we really mean
  • Learning and development sessions: Presentation skills; social styles; resume building workshops; and understanding your first full time offer
  • Fun outings and events

Finding the right fit

We look for the same qualities in our interns as we do for any Liquidnet hire. We seek well-roundedness in people’s abilities to:

  • Handle tactical tasks and think creatively
  • Take a product or functional project to the next level
  • Tackle these challenges while embodying Liquidnet’s spirit of collaboration, innovation and integrity
  • Work hard and play hard. We love to have a great time and we offer many unique and fun social opportunities both during and after work hours