Liquidnet for Good


No matter how much companies like ours work in the digital realm, they also exist in real places. From New York to London to Hong Kong, we help our employees strengthen the communities where they live and work.


Our Double Down matching gift program allows employees to maximize their support for the causes most important to them. We match their personal donations—and even the contributions they fundraise from others—dollar for dollar. Double Down also makes cash matches for the hours employees spend volunteering, so that good work done directly gains the same recognition as the impact done by a donation.


Double Down | Earth provides a “nudge” to encourage employees to make environmental sustainability a part of daily lives. We reimburse employees for up to 50% of the costs of green products and services, from energy efficient appliances to home weatherizing to bike share programs.


Every year, employees at our offices around the globe nominate charitable organizations that work in the local community for Liquidnet local impact grants. So far, hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants have gone to dozens of worthy groups around the globe.


At the core of our business is our community of clients—we call them Members. And whenever possible, we stand with our Members to support causes they’re passionate about. Over the years, we’ve supported incredible organizations working in medical research, educational innovation, and inequality reduction, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions.


Since 2008, Liquidnet has partnered with the Cristo Rey High School in East Harlem New York, pairing employees with students for hands-on mentorship and work experience. This innovative school helps low-income families finance their students’ private education through a professional work/study program. Working at Liquidnet one day a week, they expand their vision for the future, and we watch them transform from nervous high school freshmen to confident, college-bound seniors.


Throughout the year, employees form teams and partner on initiatives designed to give back to their local communities. In New York City, for example, employees volunteer several times a year with Publicolor, a design-based nonprofit, for a day of painting and informal mentoring in public schools and civic spaces throughout the five boroughs. In London, our employees have helped Book Aid International, an organization which increases access to books in Sub-Saharan Africa, sort and categorize their books.


For families affected by illness, crisis, or loss, the holiday season may be especially difficult. Liquidnet employees have sought to make that time a little brighter by donating gifts to children who are served by The Family Center in New York City.