We Disrupt Markets

We approach every market with the same bold vision for a better, more efficient way of doing business on a massive scale. Our focus on size combined with the strength of our network, disruptive technology, and commitment to transparency is revolutionizing the way equities and fixed income are traded.

What Liquidnet Solves

Creating new liquidity

By directly connecting the buy side (where the majority of corporate bond assets are held), we are able to create new liquidity opportunities by matching orders that were previously sitting passively on the buy side’s blotters—liquidity that, in many cases, wouldn’t otherwise find the other side efficiently. We are completely focused on uncovering liquidity opportunities across the entire liquidity spectrum.

Our corporate bond solution for institutions

Through Liquidnet Fixed Income, you can trade US and European corporate bonds (high yield and investment grade), emerging market corporate bonds, and European convertible bonds. We offer two distinct yet complementary ways of efficiently accessing this liquidity: a dark pool and a lit pool.


  • A buy-side focused pool of dark liquidity that matches passive indications.
  • Indications in the dark pool are not displayed.
  • Dealers supply subject indications. The buy side have the option to engage.
  • Once a match is established, it is only visible to the buyer and the seller. The two participants can than negotiate on price and firm up the order to execute a trade.
  • Indications become firm orders after the price is negotiated.

  • A central limit order book that allows all participants to post prices and exchange liquidity with each other.
  • Orders are always firm and executable.
  • Minimum order size: $500,000.

Liquidnet Fixed Income is currently available to all approved market participants who trade US and European investment grade or high yield bonds, emerging market corporate bonds, as well as European convertible bonds.

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