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Liquidnet Appoints Cheryl Knopp as General Counsel

Liquidnet announced the appointment of Cheryl Knopp as General Counsel.

Knopp previously served as Liquidnet’s Deputy General Counsel and Head of Liquidnet Capital Markets, and brings over 20 years of legal, financial services and technology experience to her role. 

WATERSTECHNOLOGY: A Look at the Future

Adam Sussman, Liquidnet's Global Head of Market Structure, spoke with WatersTechnology about the defining technologies of the next few decades and gave his view on what will be in the next phase of capital markets evolution.

THE TRADE: MiFID II - Six Months in and What’s Changed?

Liquidnet's European Market Structure Analyst, Charlotte Decuyper, spoke with the Trade on how the industry has adapted to the new trading environment and the major issues facing market participants following the implementation of MiFID II six months ago.

VIDEO: Empowering the Buy Side Through AI, Analytics and Automation (TABB)

Natasha Shamis, Liquidnet's Global Head of Product, sat down with Terry Roche at TABB's annual equities conference, "Equities 2017: Forward or Backward – Where Are We Headed." Natasha discusses how Liquidnet's Virtual High Touch™—a new category of buy-side technology that brings together advanced data analysis, adaptive learning algorithms, unique liquidity search tools, and real-time analytics into a new trading experience—helps buy side in an increasingly data-driven market.

Watch the full video.

VIDEO: Head of Liquidnet Fixed Income on Corporate Bond Liquidity (TABB)

After his panel at TabbFORUM’s 2017 Fixed Income conference: “Charting a New Course,” Constantinos Antoniades, Liquidnet’s Head of Fixed Income, sat down with the TABB Group’s Terry Roche to talk about the opportunities Liquidnet’s fixed income liquidity pool created: a centralized pool of liquidity, connectivity with OMS systems, and established protocols to get natural liquidity.

Liquidnet CEO Ranked No. 22 in 2016 Tech 50

Liquidnet CEO Seth Merrin jumped to number 22 in this year's 2016 Tech 50. Institutional Investor annually ranks the top 50 financial technologists on their innovations that are changing the industry.

Seth sat down with Senior Contributing Editor Jeffrey Kutler to talk equities, corporate bonds and why Liquidnet is the best company he ever started. See the full video here.

Interactive Data to Provide Pricing Data to Liquidnet’s Fixed Income Dark Pool to Better Support Best Execution Objectives

Interactive Data, a trusted, leading provider of fixed-income evaluated pricing, announced that it will provide Liquidnet, the global institutional trading network, with continuous evaluated pricing to help its fixed income trading platform participants meet their price discovery and best execution objectives. Liquidnet will soon launch the first dark pool for corporate bonds which is centralizing a critical mass of corporate bond liquidity from its network of more than 780 asset managers and providing enhanced data and proven technology that will make corporate bond trading more efficient.

View Interactive Data's full Press Release here

MARKETS MEDIA: Liquidnet Expands Quant Team in Europe

Rob Laible, Liquidnet’s Global Head of EQS, talks with Markets Media about the global expansion of the EQS team. Liquidnet will continue to make strategic hires and focus on expanding their execution and quantitative offerings to each of their global markets. Read Markets Media’s full article here.

Liquidnet Clients Gain Full Control of Transparency

The Trade interviewed Per Lovén on our Transparency Controls. “We saw a need for greater transparency over how sensitive client orders and data is handled by the sell-side and wanted to pioneer a solution to give clients control.”

CNBC: Are Dark Pools Drying Up?

Mark Pumfrey, Head of Liquidnet EMEA, discusses with CNBC the importance of creating an environment where institutional and retail markets can coexist.

Shaving Pennies Amid The Boom

Liquident is ranked the Top U.S. Equity Agency Brokerage firm for trading costs in Institutional Investor’s latest Transaction Cost Analysis survey, conducted by Elkins/McSherry. The full article, which you can read here, explores how in equity trading the demands for greater transparency,  accountability, and lower costs are more important than ever before.

Corner Office: Seth Merrin

Saying Goodbye to Titles, And Hello to Responsibility

Q. Tell me about some of the values of your culture.

A. One is personal responsibility. I tell this to our new people during orientation, but if you see something that we're not doing right and you don't say something, then it's on you. If you think that everyone on the leadership team is taking into account everything that could possibly go wrong, you're wrong. It's everybody's responsibility to help us run this company better than we can do it by ourselves...

Seth Merrin Calls for Regulators to Create Zones Free of High Frequency Trading

The last few months have seen many conflicting reports on high-frequency trading (HFT) and its impact on the market volatility, liquidity and safety. No sooner does one report criticize the practice, another one endorses it, layering confusion about the markets and deterring investor trust in the ability of the markets to perform their primary function.

Anatomy of Liquidnet’s Trading Floor

Launched in 2001 as an alternative platform for fund managers to negotiate large blocks of natural liquidity directly and anonymously, Liquidnet has grown into a full-service institutional brokerage providing executions in U.S. and international equities. Today, Liquidnet operates a global institutional trading netowrk in 39 equity markets across five continents, with offices in London, Toronto, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney and Singapore. Following its 2007 acquisition of Miletus Trading, Liquidnet offers a full suite of algorithms, and has expanded its range of value-added services to include data analytics as well as commission management. As the next step in its evolution, the company is looking to match corporate issuers with buy-side liquidity.

Large Blocks Dead? Not at Liquidnet

Yes, Washington, D.C., there is a market where large blocks of stock get traded. It’s called Liquidnet. In April, the average trade size on this “dark pool’’ of institutional orders was 43,309. And its participation rate is high. Roughly 700 institutions with about $8.6 trillion worth of equities under management use the network. These mutual funds, pension funds and other asset managers execute big trades between themselves or use the venue’s eight algorithms to execute transactions, even if they extend to other venues.

The Rabble Rouser

Trading technology revolutionary Seth Merrin is trying to do what no one else has done: overthrow the investment banks' reign over share issuance.

Seth Merrin Discusses Institutional Needs and Dark Pool Regulation

Dark pools face greater scrutiny by regulators. These off exchange trading venues, where prices are only revealed on completion should not be expected to be more transparent, argues Seth Merrin, chief executive and founder of Liquidnet, one of the world's largest dark pool operators. He explains why some pools are darker than others and those which trade for institutions rather than retail investors and in greater bulk than exchanges and at better prices should be exempt from new rules.