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Liquidnet Continues to Facilitate Institutional Investor Access to Block Liquidity

New York
Liquidnet, the global institutional trading network, today announced that it continued to maintain its dominance in market block volume. In July, 78% of the time Liquidnet Members traded a U.S. stock they executed either the 1st or 2nd largest print of the day in that stock. Furthermore, Members who negotiated small cap stocks achieved the 1st or 2nd largest prints of the day 89% of the time.

Liquidnet Launches 40th Trading Market with Addition of Turkish Equities

Institutional Investors Can Now Access Much Needed Large-Scale Liquidity in this Important Growth Market

New York
Liquidnet, the global institutional trading network, announced today that institutional investors can now trade Turkish listed securities through its platform effective immediately. Following a rapid global expansion, Liquidnet now provides more than 700 institutional investors with access to 40 equity markets so that they can efficiently implement their global investment ideas.  Trades of Turkish equities will be executed via Liquidnet’s appointed local broker on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.