Trading on a
different scale

Liquidnet is the Global Institutional Trading Network. We directly connect the world’s leading asset managers to one of the largest pools of liquidity for equities and fixed income—a highly efficient and safe way to execute big investment ideas, optimizing performance for the millions of people worldwide who rely on investment funds to protect and grow their money.


The World Then

Before Liquidnet, asset managers had few reliable options when trying to execute a large trade. Imagine trying to trade 500,000 shares, a few hundred shares at a time? The retail market was not only extremely inefficient, but the largely ‘hand-shake’ and/or broker-mediated process for trading large blocks of shares resulted in information leakage that impacted the price of the stocks being traded. And the millions of people invested in mutual, pension, or other equity funds ultimately paid the price.


Our World Now

Today, we provide one of the deepest and most diverse sources of liquidity spanning 45 equity markets across the globe. We’re the place where the world’s leading institutional investors go to access trading and investment opportunities on a different scale. Just over a decade ago, we were simply an idea—a belief that directly connecting asset managers with other asset managers was a better way for institutions to trade. By bringing that community together, everyone benefits.


Breaking Barriers

Today, we have more than 830of the world’s leading asset managers on our network. These asset managers represent more than $15 trillion in equity assets under management. We figured that if we could get the world’s asset managers together on one network, we could create an institutional market and remove the inefficiencies of the retail market. We could minimize information leakage on big trades so price fluctuations for institutional-sized orders were less of an impact on performance. Asset managers could focus on ideas, traders could execute those ideas, and companies would grow on the basis of their true value. It turns out we were right.



Our flagship equities pool has 930+ Members, representing $15 trillion AUM across 46 markets††, with an average execution size of $1.6 million (36,000 shares in the US)—a true leader in global large-scale equities trading.†

Fixed Income

We are revolutionizing corporate bond trading with disruptive technology by directly connecting institutional investors and dealers to our newest pool, designed to uncover large-scale bond liquidity opportunities.

Issuers, PE/VC firms

We deepen our equities pool by helping issuers, private equity and venture capital firms to execute large transactions of equities efficiently via the same network as the world’s leading institutions—all while protecting safety and anonymity.