Analytics for Investment Professionals

Make your data work for you.

Leverage Liquidnet’s analytics platform to gain new insights and opportunities.

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The real opportunity for asset management firms

Fuel investment decision-making in real time.

As asset management becomes more competitive, investment teams are drowning in data — with more data sets available each day.

Liquidnet is your lifeline.



We distill and deliver actionable analytics

Liquidnet analytics can help you make smarter decisions and boost productivity.



Liquidnet intelligently connects the world’s investors to the world’s investments.

We are a trusted, global partner to more than 1,000 asset managers who leverage us to access investment opportunities across six continents.

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Delivering timely, contextual insight

Liquidnet extracts the value of market data sets.

Between our Advanced Analytics and extensive experience partnering with asset management firms, Liquidnet is uniquely positioned to solve the data challenges that investment teams face.

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Revolutionize intel gathering on a universe of symbols.


Front-office analytics delivery

Trust our expertise.

Liquidnet has a highly qualified team of data scientists and quants that employs a fast-paced, feedback-based product development lifecycle.

Our objective is to maximize the value of investment teams’ existing data and then help identify targeted opportunities for alternative data sets.

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Liquidnet is already in discussions with leading asset management firms about how we can deliver market insight and quantitative intelligence directly into their investment processes — in real time.