Natasha Shamis

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Global Head of Product

Natasha is Global Head of Product and a member of the leadership team at Liquidnet. In this role, she leads a team responsible for the development and design of Liquidnet’s global technology solutions and products including Liquidnet’s core block crossing network, commission management, execution and quantitative services, and capital markets. She also leads an enterprise product management framework that guides the processes for design, rollout, and customer engagement in development of Liquidnet’s products.

Natasha is responsible for setting the direction and strategy for the integration of Liquidnet’s products into a unified, next generation global trading platform called Liquidnet 5. Liquidnet’s network of more than 780 institutional investors are benefitting from an integrated solution where they can more efficiently interact with and source liquidity, reduce execution time with automated workflows, and communicate with other like-minded investors.  The product team is continuing to drive towards offering more actionable liquidity, integrating workflows between all Liquidnet products, and providing guidance on execution decisions through the platform.

Natasha joined the company in 2008 where she helped build Liquidnet’s award-winning commission management product suite, making it easier for buy side institutions to pay their bills and manage their broker obligations without giving up best execution. In addition, she has also helped to build pre- and post-trade analytics and TCA tools, all of which will be integrated into Liquidnet 5.

Prior to Liquidnet, Natasha worked in the Electronic Trading Services group at Bank of America where she built program trading, transaction cost analysis, and risk management applications.  Natasha holds a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Columbia University.

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