Advanced Trade Analytics

Execute smarter.

With our market-tested artificial intelligence trading technology, Liquidnet can boost productivity throughout the intel gathering process on a universe of symbols.

Machine learning. Natural language processing. Data visualization.

Welcome to the future of alpha generation.


Liquidnet delivers insight when and where it’s needed

Optimize new and existing data. Empower your research team. 


The problem

Investment teams are tasked with an uphill battle: digest mounting zettabytes of data in hopes of generating ideas or finding unique signals to outperform the competition.

Our strategy

While seeking alternative data is a valid approach, the primary objective of our AI trading technology is to first help Members maximize the value of existing market data sets.

Our innovation

Liquidnet believes in the power of open-source fabrics and the rapidly evolving cloud services designed for such trading analytics use cases.

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Liquidnet employee at two-monitor standing desk distilling real time market intelligence into trade analytics

Liquidnet Discovery™

Take control and achieve decisive execution.

Liquidnet Discovery™ is a proprietary insights engine that uses artificial intelligence trading technology and machine learning to draw in and distill massive amounts of market data from around the world.

Input data. Extract insight. Tailored to every Liquidnet-synced order.


Advanced analytics. Sleek interface.

The start of a new generation of trader intelligence tools.

Liquidnet Discovery aggregates impactful trends and synthesizes that information into plain English in real time.

Discovery identifies exceptions, outliers, and anomalies, so traders can validate their target execution strategy before trading and pivot mid-execution, if needed.

Harness the insight to take action before impact.

Liquidnet Discovery graphic with sample trading analytics and red and green bubbles and curves
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Enhancing the buy-side trader’s decision-making process


Track + manage

Risk factors on Liquidnet-synced orders

Access insight

At the individual stock level or in aggregate across your blotter

Receive alerts

When events may influence the liquidity or direction of an order

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Rapid evolution to keep our Members ahead of the curve


— 2017 —

Liquidnet acquired OTAS Technologies, an industry-leading trade analytics platform that delivers real-time market intelligence and context directly to institutional traders and portfolio managers.


— 2018 —

We launched Liquidnet Discovery™, the first integration of the OTAS acquisition into our Virtual High Touch application suite.

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