Liquidnet Virtual High Touch

Advanced financial technology designed to capture alpha.

Liquidnet Virtual High Touch® is your execution copilot. Our integrated, cutting-edge fintech solutions deliver actionable information and recommendations throughout every order lifecycle with an automated audit trail.

Determine the best ways to execute orders, quickly and easily.


For institutional investors

A completely new category of trader-intelligence and decision-support tools.

By reinventing the way liquidity is sourced, crunching massive amounts of data, and arming the buy side with actionable insight, Virtual High Touch aims to make traders invaluable to their firms’ performance.

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Four Liquidnet employees at conference table in Liquidnet Virtual High Touch and algorithmic trading meeting

Smarter technology. More control.

Today’s trading environment is changing rapidly.

Traditional sales trading services aren’t what they used to be, while the market and market structure are as dynamic as ever.

The buy-side trader is uniquely positioned to become a key contributor to institutional performance.

Propel into the future with Virtual High Touch.


Virtual High Touch for Fixed Income

An intelligent, electronic bond-trading assistant.

Virtual High Touch is a seamless execution workflow designed to equip corporate bond traders with analytics to help inform their decision-making.

Our integrated suite of desktop applications combines multiple trading protocols into a customized workflow, evaluating order characteristics, market data, liquidity conditions, and user preferences to suggest optimal execution strategies for diverse order groups.

Two Liquidnet employees at standing desk discussing fixed income trading decision support
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