Fixed Income Trading Solutions

Innovation is your biggest source of liquidity.

Liquidnet fights fragmentation by aggregating corporate bond liquidity on an all-to-all bond-trading venue designed to protect order information and prioritize size.


Our institutional bond network

Access one of the world’s largest pools of buy-side corporate bond liquidity.



Average daily liquidity across the US, Canada, and Europe (USD)*


Active traders**



Average trade size (USD)*


Transaction cost savings***

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Solving inefficiencies with bond trading technology

More liquidity with less effort. Let technology work for you.

Enter Liquidnet Virtual High Touch® for Fixed Income — an intelligent execution workflow designed to augment the corporate bond trader’s decision-making process and reinvent the way liquidity is sourced.

Automate the routine, spend less time chasing after liquidity, and focus your energy where it counts — alpha generation.

Virtual High Touch for Fixed Income

Elevating the role and influence of traders into a performance advantage for their firms.

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Smarter workflow

Virtual High Touch evaluates order characteristics, market data, liquidity conditions, and user preferences to suggest an optimal execution strategy, including a combination of dark matching, displayed stream, or open invitations for executions.


Execution efficiency

Virtual High Touch helps (1) find and prioritize natural liquidity for larger, harder-to-trade orders by targeting resting and latent liquidity and (2) achieve cost savings on the execution of more liquid bond orders.


Large scale

With an average indication size of $5.1M**, corporate bond traders rely on Liquidnet for large-scale liquidity opportunities.

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Customization + control

At any time, a trader can modify the workflow to cater to an individual indication or a group of indications.

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 Available to:

  • Members, Dealers, and Portfolio Managers through Liquidnet Fixed Income — our signature desktop application for trading corporate bonds

  • Also through the following Order Management Systems (OMSs) and price aggregators:

  • Aladdin (BlackRock)

  • ALFA (Algomi)

  • Bloomberg (TSOX)

  • Charles River

  • Eze Castle

  • Fidessa

  • FlexTrade

  • Linedata

  • SimCorp

  • Thinkfolio (Markit)

  • Trading Screen

  • Proprietary OMSs


* Liquidnet internal data. For H2 2018.

** Active traders defined as users entering indications or orders from September 29, 2015 through January 31, 2019.

*** According to an independent study conducted by IHS Markit in 2018, when compared to the best price available in the IHS Markit dealer price feed.

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Execute with the best.


Best Fixed Income Trading Platform

Markets Media
Markets Choice Awards, 2017

Best Trading and Execution Technology Innovation

Alternative Credit Intelligence
European Performance Awards, 2017

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Want in?

Liquidnet Fixed Income is currently available to all approved market participants who trade US and European investment-grade or high-yield bonds, emerging-market sovereign and corporate bonds, as well as European convertible bonds.

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