Our Journey

Mega milestones beyond the Liquidnet company profile


Proud of our pioneering history at the forefront of fintech.



Bem-vindo, Brasil!

Liquidnet offers trading in Brazilian equities, bringing our global reach to 46 markets.

Discovery™ + Best Ex Replay

Liquidnet launches Discovery™ and Best Ex Replay, two new additions to the Liquidnet Virtual High Touch® suite of solutions powered by data and analytics from OTAS Technologies.



FI Virtual High Touch

Liquidnet launches Virtual High Touch for Fixed Income, an intelligent execution workflow designed to augment the corporate bond trader’s decision-making process.

45 strong

Liquidnet offers trading in Pakistani equities, bringing our global reach to 45 markets.

Advanced Analytics

Liquidnet acquires OTAS Technologies, a market-leading analytics platform that delivers actionable market intelligence and context directly to institutional traders and portfolio managers.

Surge Capture

Liquidnet launches Surge Capture, built to take advantage of the increased volume and volatility that occurs in the market immediately following a block trade.



Huānyíng, Táiwān!

Liquidnet offers trading in Taiwanese equities, bringing our global reach to 44 markets.

Virtual High Touch®

Liquidnet launches Virtual High Touch, a new category of buy-side technology that brings together advanced data analysis, adaptive learning algorithms, unique liquidity search tools, and real-time analytics into a new trading experience.

Liquidnet Labs

Liquidnet introduces Liquidnet Labs, a Members-only virtual innovation hub that facilitates collaborative problem-solving and pilots our latest technology.

FI Targeted Invitations

Liquidnet launches Fixed Income Targeted Invitations, a tool to seek latent liquidity across its critical mass of institutional participants.



FI Dark Pool

Liquidnet launches Fixed Income Dark Pool to centralize institutional trading of corporate bonds among asset managers in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Next Gen Algos

Liquidnet launches global Next Gen Algo suite.

Targeted Invitations

Liquidnet launches Targeted Invitations, allowing equities Members to seek out additional block liquidity by sending actionable, anonymous invitations within the Liquidnet community.

Liquidnet 5

Liquidnet reimagines the way the buy side trades with the launch of Liquidnet 5 — a first-of-its-kind platform to integrate safe, actionable, and diverse liquidity, point-of-trade analytics, new execution capabilities, and commission management to optimize trades and fund performance.



Aapaka svaagat hai, Bhaarat!

Liquidnet offers trading in Indian equities, bringing our global reach to 43 markets.

Fixed Income

Liquidnet expands into the fixed income market with the acquisition of bond-trading platform Vega-Chi.



Welcome, Thailand!

Liquidnet offers trading in Thai equities, bringing our global reach to 42 markets.



Maligayang pagdating, Philippines!

Liquidnet offers trading in Philippine equities, bringing our global reach to 41 markets.

Hoşgeldin, Türkiye!

Liquidnet offers trading in Turkish equities, bringing our global reach to 40 markets.



Selamat datang, Indonesia!

Liquidnet offers trading in Indonesian equities, bringing our global reach to 39 markets.



Selamat datang, Malaysia!

Liquidnet offers trading in Malaysian equities, bringing our global reach to 38 markets.

Brucha ha’baa, Israel!

Liquidnet offers trading in Israeli equities, bringing our global reach to 37 markets.

Welcome, New Zealand!

Liquidnet offers trading in New Zealand equities, bringing our global reach to 36 markets.

¡Bienvenido Mexico!

Liquidnet offers trading in Mexican equities, bringing our global reach to 35 markets.

Tere tulemast, Eesti ja Leedu!

Liquidnet offers trading in Estonian and Lithuanian equities, bringing our global reach to 34 markets.

Witaj Polsko!

Liquidnet offers trading in Polish equities, bringing our global reach to 32 markets.



Dobrodošli, Slovenija!

Liquidnet offers trading in Slovenian equities, bringing our global reach to 31 markets.

Block liquidity

Liquidnet launches actionable block liquidity from Liquidity Partners in the US.



The big 3–0

Liquidnet launches in Cyprus, bringing our global reach to 30 markets.


Liquidnet announces more than 100 Members signed on to trade Asia-Pacific equities.

A very g’day

Liquidnet Australia trades $1 billion in ASX-listed securities with trades more than 100 times the ASX average.

Liquidnet down under

Liquidnet Australia launches with 51 Member firms, bringing our global reach to 29 markets.



LN Asia

Liquidnet Asia launches with 26 Member firms, bringing our global reach to 28 markets.

Miletus trading

Liquidnet acquires Miletus Trading.



Institutions only

Liquidnet’s institutional-only natural liquidity pool averages more than two billion shares a day.

O Canada

Liquidnet Canada launches.

Inc. 5000

Inc. Magazine recognizes Liquidnet as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America three years running.

Large scale

A single five-million share trade (US equities) is executed in Liquidnet.



Gettin’ liquid

Liquidnet launches actionable streaming liquidity from Liquidity Partners.



Doubled membership

Liquidnet takes live its 200th Member firm.



Sharing + scaling

Liquidnet executes its two-billionth share.



A good year

Liquidnet ends the year with 136 Members and an average daily volume of 4.7 million shares.


Liquidnet Europe launches with nine Member firms.

Triple digits

100th Member goes live.

With a B

Liquidnet executes its one-billionth share.

Put the fun in funding

$10 million raised in Series C Funding round.




Liquidnet launches in the United States with 38 Member firms.



The journey begins

Liquidnet is incorporated.